2016 Daily Log – Discipline, Habits and Routines for Success

You’ve come to my 2016 Daily Productivity Log page. I plan to update this page almost daily to show the type of work that is completed and the amount of effort goes into creating something successful. I’ll list things out by date. The latest date will be on the top of the page. I wanted to keep everything on one post rather than multiple posts to prevent clogging up and adding more posts which wouldn’t be necessary. It’s also much easier to read in this format IMO.

Main Goal – $250,000 Net Profit for 2016

The main goal is to earn $250,000 Net Profit for 2016. The reason for this goal is to aim higher and the only way this goal would be possible is to focus on paid advertising and/or similar to gain a significant amount of leverage in my net profit earnings for the year. So, this goal is only possible with the following income streams.

  1. Paid Advertising to E-Commerce Store (Potential $1,000-$5,000/day)
  2. Full Time Job as Software Engineer/ Full-Stack Developer $100,000/year
  3. Amazon Niche Sites $50,000/year (Potential $5,000-$20,000/mo)
  4. Sale of E-Commerce Site #1 (Potential $60,000-$150,000)

I’m really banking on learning and mastering Facebook ads as well as paid social media marketing for this year to accomplish this goal. I don’t want to include the sale of the e-commerce site to be part of this $250k/net for 2016.

December 2015

For December 2015, You can see my December 2015 Goals blog post. There are 5 main goal for this month in the order below.

  1. Sell My E-Commerce Site #1
  2. Study To Become A Software Engineer / Full-Stack Developer
  3. Finish Taxes
  4. Build & Sell Niche Websites (Amazon)
  5. Build (2) Automated E-Commerce Websites

12/23/15 – December 23rd 2015

Woke up at 10:15AM. About 4 hours sleep.

  • Completed Tasks
    • Main Task – Ecom Store #1 Financials – I should be able to finish today.

12/22/15 – December 22nd 2015

So it’s now later at night @ 5:44pm…. Tasks accomplished are the following:

  • Completed Tasks
    • COMPLETED :: Starting this post off 2016 Daily Productivity Log
    • COMPLETED :: Ecom Store #2 – Purchase $500 worth of product for testing phase. @ 5.45pm
      • waiting on specific product to be produced. Should be done in a few days.
    • COMPLETED :: 1 hour – Discussing with vendors for new product. Purchased $500 for testing the niche.
    • COMPLETED :: Ecom Store #1 – Financials – Completed Jan to April 2015.
  • To Do Tasks
    • Ecom Store #1 – Financials Jan – Dec 2015! Profit & Loss Statements.

The next thing I want to focus on is finishing up the financials for selling my website.

Slept at 6AM.





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