My mission is to empower others to take control of their future. Reach their life long goals by making better decisions on pursuing daily relentless action towards their goals.

Hey! Welcome to the Relentless Action blog and Thanks for stopping by!

We believe in Relentless Action in pursuing your life goals and dreams.

Learn a bit about why this website was created and who I am!

Introduce yourself (in the comments below) and let’s work on achieving financial success together!

So Why Relentless Action?

Relentless Action is all the small and difficult daily routine tasks and habits which lead up to your own definition of success. It is to remind myself that success is achieved by a relentless pursuit of actionable tasks. You only become truly successful in your goals by working everyday as hard as you can to achieve want you want to be your reality.

“This means real work needs to be done and progress has to be made and results have to be tracked and more action has to be made. It’s a never-ending cycle of improving and improving upon past actions” hence “RelentlessAction”. is a blog that was created for many reasons:

  • Blog and keep track towards my personal goal of achieving financial freedom by making money online.
  • Plan and focus on an Early Retirement from the traditional 9 to 5. (I would still work on money producing activities, but not a limited 9 to 5 position.)
  • Share and document by journey to building internet businesses which make me $40,000 dollars net profit per month.
  • Inspire others who are in similar situations that by striving for success and persistent relentless action, you too can accomplish goals which you set out!
  • Network with like minded individuals who enjoy building something from nothing.

Join me on my journey to make $40,000 per month net profit and Retire Early.

The Relentless Action Mindset

At Relentless Action, we are to think and act differently than the normal society.

We strive for success through the unwillingness to settle for living a life with no ambition or dedication.

The strengthen and courage to plan for the future and create positive progressive action on a daily basis.

Daily, we strive to be consistent and pursue relentless action to the small daily goals which make up long-term success.

We enjoy the small progress and long-term success through the journey.

There are no excuses for not reaching our most dreamed aspirations only lack of consistent action towards one’s dreams.

Who Am I? My story?

I’m RelentlessDex. I’m a not so normal 28 year old Internet Entrepreneur in San Francisco, CA who is striving to make a living doing what I enjoy (making money online, using the leverage of the internet to make a more then normal paycheck) and to live my life without the worry of money and the freedom of time (to do what I want, when I want)!

I currently work a 9 to 5 job and while most “normal people” go home to their normal lives of eating dinner and watching TV. I work my ass off for the next 8+ hours everyday to get rid of my normal 9 to 5 job and to plan daily on my actionable tasks.

Prior to the present time, I have been on and off within the internet marketing industry for over 10-15 years now. I previously tried to be part of the working class and work a 9 to 5 but once you go through this (make money online) lifestyle it’s hard to live a normal life like the typical working class in the USA. It feels like a waste once you see the possibility and you still choose to work an ordinary job.

Why Should You Stay Updated On My Journey?

With the Relentless Action blog, I want you to live vicariously through me in which you can learn and understand my businesses, my strategies, my mindset, my work ethic, my goals and most of all watch my monthly income increase over the years to achieve financial independence due to constant relentless action taken to strive for building something for yourself.

My goal is to share and document my experiences in this industry. Learn from my successes, losses and mistakes. I am not looking to brag or show off. I’d be more interested to meet more like minded people to enjoy to see others become inspired to achieve more success than the normal person. By reading about successful people, you should be inspired to believe that there is a possibility for you to achieve the same kind of success. No one should ever feel bad or feel that someone is showing off. If you feel this way, you need to adjust your mindset to think like a successful person and not let these self-limiting beliefs affect your choice on not taking relentless action to pursue your goals and dreams.

Relentless Action will discuss among the following topics below but is not limited too;

  • How To Retire Young Plan for Early Retirement
  • How To Become A Successful Blogger
  • How To Create Your Own Niche E-Commerce Website
  • How To Build Niche Websites and Profit
  • How To Start Your Own Private Label Amazon FBA Business
  • How To Make Money In Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing
  • Save Up Business Capital To Grow And Expand
  • Funnel Multiple Streams Of Income Into Real Estate
  • Real World Real Estate Multi-Unit Property Investing

Take Action! Don’t just read!

Do Take Action! Become inspired! Inspire yourself! Create life goals to accomplish success on your own terms. Design the lifestyle of your choosing…

No Excuses! Get it done!

Get it done! How bad do you want it? Everything you read and all the success stories you’ve heard are also possible if you put consistent relentless action towards.

Winners make it happen! Losers find excuses to not make it happen.

My Longterm Action Goals

My semi-recent long-term goal (as of 9/10/15) is to save $150,000 USD for Business Capital and earn $15,000 per month net profit from current business ventures. By meeting these goals, I would feel secure and safe leaving my full time job and focusing on growing my business capital on a daily basis. Increasing my business capital above $150k and increasing my monthly net profits to $40k per month.

I plan on increasing my monthly net profits by focusing on building businesses in the following areas: Amazon Niche Websites, Amazon FBA, Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing.

My next focus would be to learn Ruby on Rails to create my own SAAS business as well as iOS/Android apps.

Throughout my different business ventures the profits will be re-invested (my goal to make my money work for me) into real estate multi-unit complexes and then apartment complexes and dabble in long-term stocks a bit.

My 6 Month Action Goals

I will be breaking up my main long-term goals into 6 month goals and plan to accomplish certain tasks within the 6 months set.

Watch my journey as I set goals and knock each one off the list one by one.

  • Round 1 – Relentless Action 6 Month Goals – 9/10/15

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