August 2016 Income Report

August 2016 Income Report

Welcome to We’re back with another August 2016 Income Report! Our blog is to share our journey in the world of E-Commerce. Currently, I own and operate one (1) e-commerce website which brings in a decent 5 figure monthly income.

It’s my goal and job to increase my monthly income and profit.

Why I Post – Why I post is simple. You can find the full explanations here on May 2016 Income Report.

  1. Share & Inspire Others
  2. Hold Myself Accountable For My Own Goals
  3. Track & Reset My Monthly Goals
  4. Become Financially Free

2.5 Months Since Quitting My Job.

So, it’s been a good 2.5 months since quitting my job. I haven’t done so bad but I also haven’t been 100% productive but I’m working on changing that soon. There’s a lot on my goals list and it’s time to start knocking tasks off that list :).

August 2016 Income Report

My E-Commerce #1 campaign has made $57,492.06.

Most of all income went back to more inventory since I keep selling out and production times to make products take anywhere from 30-45 days. This will also save time from ordering more frequently.

2016 Income Report - Credit Cards
2016 Income Report – Credit Cards
2016 Income Report - Paypal
2016 Income Report – Paypal
2016 Income Report - Google Analytics
2016 Income Report – Google Analytics

This has been our highest month yet. There’s still a ton of tasks which haven’t been completed the same tasks on May 2016 Income Report :(.

September 2016 Goals

We’ll keep this small and slim since we want to spend more time actually doing more work. But this is to provide others in a sense of the tasks that need to be completed to increase monthly income.

  • 2014 Taxes, 2015 Taxes, 2016 Taxes
  • Ecom #1
    • Revamp Ecom #1 Website – More Professional, More Content
    • Add FB Retargeting
    • Better content marketing strategy
    • Community forum
    • Community tools
    • Aim for $70,000/month
    • Plan for Christmas sales
  • Ecom #2
    • Build new website
    • Start advertising on FB
    • Aim for $2,000/month.
  • Plan to move from California to Texas.

Hope this helps and inspires you to start your own. Any questions, please feel free to let me know and I’d be happy to answer them 🙂 Good luck on your journey!




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