August 2016 Updates

Hey guys… I’m back with an update.. this upcoming month is pretty much about over already. I haven’t been doing a whole lot but basically running daily operations. I quit my “Full time job” about 2+ months ago – July 15th was the day I quit. Before quitting Ecom #1 was at about $20-30k/mo. Last few months $55k, $50k and this month so far is at $42k. Don’t get too excited… Most of all profits went back into more inventory since at $55-$50k it blows current inventory out of stock.

August 2016 Income Report
August 2016 Income Report

Time to get into mass productive mode. I’ll be trying to update more often so I can track daily progress. Here’s my upcoming checklist for the business.

Tip Learned #1 – Comfortable spending more money to make more money – I think the hardest part now is getting comfortable with spending bigger dollar values and not putting in any profit in the bank account and putting it into inventory. I started off at about $5k orders every 2-3 months. Now it’s looking like multiple $5-10k/orders every month. Takes time for me.. to get use to it since this stuff is out of the ordinary. lol

Ecommerce Niche #1

The main bread and butter ecom site! All SEO Traffic.
GOAL: Build it up to be a big brand. Ton’s of content, youtube content, social media, website pages, infographics.

  • The goal is to focus on key products which I plan on selling 100-200 or more each per month. I’ll be focusing on this by pushing people towards these same products through hero images, content, etc on the page. Also focus on bundles, add-ons per product. These products will be the bread and butter. These products should never ever be out of stock.
  • Revamp website w/ Mobile site – I’ve noticed I get a lot of mobile traffic so I need it to be optimized better + if I’m going to be spending money on ads.
    • Build Hero slideshow images, sidebar images.
  • Create massive value through content & innovation + Create a community with followers.
  • Upgrade Product Categories, Product Pages
    • Take white background photos.
    • Create better copy.
    • Add product intro/review videos + product tutorials.
    • Push for product reviews
  • Track Goals & Conversions with GAnalytics, FBPixel
  • Paid Advertising *A lot of time should go into this.
    • FB Ads Retargeting
    • Google Ads Retargeting
    • FB Ads – Engagement Targeting New Interests
    • Google Ads – Engagement Targeting New Interests
    • Google Ads Shopping Campaign
  • Build Email List Automated Sequence.
    • Push for higher email conversion rates.
  • Content Network Strategy *A lot of time should go into this.
    • Push 1-2 high value articles + youtube videos week.
    • Build an SEO strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
    • Every new post and/or item (restocked) post on social media.
  • Build community forum
  • Build “niche” tool (tool which will help the community/people in my niche)

Ecommerce Niche #2

Secondary Ecom (Easier, less effort needed, mostly FB traffic)
GOAL: Create a steady income through 3-4 product options.

  • Got almost all the parts that I plan on selling IN STOCK.
  • Setup Woocommerce theme.
  • Add 3-4 product options.
  • Add Facebook Pixel
  • Add Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
  • Start Testing FB Ads
  • Start FB Retargeting Ads

Advice for you.. Starting your own business.

Here’s some food for thought and suggestions how you can start something.

The best way to start something is to find something your passionate about and make that your job or business. The reason why people mention this is because you’ll put much more effort into your cause or purpose. While this isn’t 100% necessary, since example.. There are tons of people who work as employees that make millions per year and aren’t really passionate about what they do. More so it’s just the lifestyle you choose to live and how you want to live your life. In the end, money isn’t everything but it is a big part. That’s for you to decide.

Here are some good examples of “regular people” starting businesses from scratch and building it to a fully functional business! Which in itself is a great feat. These are in relation to what I’m interested in and depending on what you are interested in. I’m sure, you could find a ton of other similar websites using the same monetization models.

  • – Niche Site/eBook – Provides exceptional content and value through blog content, youtube videos for the niche “Boxing”.
  • – Niche Site/eBook/Community – Provides exceptional content and value through blog content, youtube videos/vlogs for the niche “Fitness”.
  • – Niche Site/eBook – Provides exceptional content and value through blog content, ebook for the niche “Electronics”.
  • – Niche Site/Community – Provides exceptional content and value through blog content for the niche “Electric Bikes”. They’ve gone to create an Electric Bike Parts website
  • – Product/Community – Offers exceptional video content on how to “dip” your car with removable car paint. They have an amazing youtube channel with close to 500k subscribers and 7+ million views on some videos. He’s grown it to be a huge company. They started in their garage/house now have a warehouse.
  • – Product – Offers exceptional video content on how to color and customize your shoes with airbrush. They’ve since sold kits to offer their audience.
  • – Product/E-Com – Offers great products in the “survival niche” started off with firestarters and moved on to branch to other products. Check out his YouTube for more of his early videos on how he started, etc. Now owns a retail shop and runs the e-commerce behind it as well. Started in their garage/house from Etsy.
  • – Ecom – Offers great products for “survival/police gear niche” now sure how they started but they have their own retail location as well and a ton of custom products.
  • – Ecom – Offers community meet up group and offers a backpack designed by them.
  • – Ecom – Offers nice designed wallets and other everyday carry type items. Checkout his YouTube videos for great insight on starting his business.

There are just some ideas on how a few people build their hobbies into full fledge e-commerce businesses and how you can do the same.

Start slow, build it up slowly but surely. Day by day.




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