Quitting the Day Job

Become An Internet Entrepreneur and Quit My Corporate Day Job

It’s been officially 2 full weeks since I quit my full time job on June 17th 2016. I suppose I did about $15-$17k profit for June 2016 compared to my day job which would only make me about $3,500 per month if even. That’s about 4.85 times my day job.

Typically, my #1 ecommerce website would make about $25-30k/month May 2016 and I happen to hit $55k for last month. Which is amazing..

I want to talk and discuss more of what I’m thinking and how I’m looking at things being a full time internet marketer now.

How I Got Started Online

I’ve been on and off with internet businesses since I was a kid since about 14 years old. I’m 29 years old now. I made websites at 13-14 years old for fun mostly on Dragonball Z websites. At 14-17, I ended up running a Diablo 2 e-commerce store selling in-game items. I then dabbled in PPC Affiliate Marketing and other ventures later on in life.

I didn’t stick to things 100% probably because I was younger. Over the years, I’ve learned that I need too.

At 26 years old, I decided to go work a corporate position to gain some job experience since I also didn’t graduate college the best thing I could get as a backup plan would be job experience in a somewhat trade job that could potentially earn me $70k-120k/year which I would be ok with.

So 6 months into that job or less, I came across the “niche” I’m in now and have been running my e-commerce site since 2013. I started off working on the side and now I’m focusing on running it full time.

I was working for two full years making double income before I decided to quit my day job. You should make sure that you have extra cushion to support yourself if anything is to happen.

Dedication, Commitment, Forward Thinking…

I realize moving forward that it takes an extreme amount of solopreneur motivation and mindset in focusing your thoughts and efforts into building something long-lasting. This requires you to dedicate and commit your time and energy into building something that moves forward on a daily basis.

Working for yourself as an entrepreneur is an entirely different thing from working a day job. Most day jobs are fairly simple and lenient when building a business from my stand point it’s hustling everyday and making sure you get a big part of that puzzle fixed and done for that day so that way you are moving forward.

While, I have had some great success I’m far from accomplished and having it 100% stable so I don’t have to and get a job again. That’s why I choose to push and work myself harder because if I was to get a job. I’d still work on this internet hustle thing on the side.

Hard Work, Demand Yours.

Working online is definitely hard work. At times, it can be easy money but you definitely need to keep at it and secure your income.

Hard To Be Broke. Hard To Be Rich.. Which would you rather be?

Why am I saying this? We’ll recently my E-commerce #1 website is strictly relied upon SEO traffic. I get about 800 to 1,000 uniques on a daily basis from SEO for my targeted niche. Recently, my competitor’s listing has creeped up and taken my SEO ranking and that’s not a good thing considering my domain name is my keyword as well. Although, only for a few days or so. It’s still bad because my traffic dropped tremendously.

But what this does for me is it brings me back to earth and reminds me that I must keep my website intact and up-to-date no matter how great things are going. I shouldn’t slack off on it and I shouldn’t become complacent.

Staying ahead and being in front of the curve is the idea and the plan.

If you count on this hard earned income as your lively hood. You wouldn’t just throw it away carelessly by not giving it the time it needs to be secure. Especially, if I have no other income source at the moment.

Re-Plan Re-Plan, Act

I personally like to believe that things do happen for a reason and my  answer from that is obviously more positive than negative and in general that’s the type of person you have to be to survive these many issues we come across as an entrepreneur.

With that said I was planning on building a new secondary general site and building it to be an authority website on my niche. However, after re-thinking things with my ranking falling off once again. It only makes sense to build out my website to make it even better and for it to be it’s own authority niche site until that’s complete no need to start on the other one.

However, I am tempted to test out some PBN links.

Reverse Engineer

So with SEO tanking and all, although it’s relatively back again. I now more than ever need to get a bigger foot hold of my own niche and build it to become a $1 million dollar a year business. At it’s current rate $55,000/month = $660,000/year business.

For a $1 million/year business per year. You’d need to make $2740/day which comes out to $1,000,100/year.

The revenue is more the possible. What needs to be done is the ranking aspect, building a brand, building an authority site. I need to rank the site and get it up there. So, what this takes is reverse engineering on how authority sites and million dollar per year e-commerce businesses are…

Figuring how to build an authority site, how to rank, how to be everywhere, how to get natural links are within the works.

Reinvesting and Going All In

I’m not sure how it is for most people who run a business but from the looks of it. It does seem like eventually within your business you have to decide if you want or should go all in or not. I think by deciding to go all in you are deciding on following through and reaching for higher profits in the long run.


Reinvesting will allow you to go from rolling $5k to $10k, $10k to $20k and $50k to $100k. Of course, you want to aim for the later.

Do I Like Working From Home?

I enjoy working from home and being able to do what I want to do. I plan on moving out hopefully soon so I can get more space and focus more on building the business.

As long as this is something you are willing to learn, you don’t mind doing and you are passionate enough to put in hours working. It’s definitely possible, it’s hard because you have to force yourself to work. It’s not a day job where you can show up, do a bit of work and get paid or just work and get paid. You have to make that time that you have convert into money.

Stay tuned.. I plan on reverse engineering SEO and some other aspects and to share some info once I get some results.




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