December 2015 Entrepreneur Goals

December 2015 Goals

It’s a bit late to be posting my December 2015 Goals but it’s only the 18th day especially with a big holiday coming up this month is pretty much over realistically.

However, with that said.. I’m trying to make things happen and get things done sooner than later.

I have a big plan coming up for 2016 and still have quite a few things which are lingering which need to be wrapped up and finished before 2016 rolls around.

Here is the current earnings for E-Commerce Site #1.

E-Commerce Site #1

Current source of income is E-Commerce Site #1 and it is currently at about $15k in gross revenue. Majority of this is profit since I have purchased a lot of new inventory within the last few months. I plan on making a new purchase of inventory very shortly as well. Not good to run out of product.

Ecommerce Site #1 - December 2015 Revenue Dec18

PTO – Paid Time Off for 17th to 25th.

If most of you readers didn’t know. I still work a full time job and plan on working a full time job until I have a significant amount saved ($250,000 goal) and am making much more than my day job ($15,000 net per month).

One of my tasks for 2016 is to change my current position as Desktop Support / System Administrator into becoming a Software Developer, Software Engineer, Full Stack Engineer position. The benefit also being that the skills learned will help me develop more products or solutions to problems that I am having as an Internet Entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, as regular or average people they would take this PTO time to enjoy relaxation and/or go on vacation and spend more money.

Unfortunately, I’m not where I want to be and I will be working my ass off as well as not going on a vacation to spend more money. I’m using this time to get ahead. Ahead because I’m getting older turning 29. I need to hustle and make moves to make something out of myself and going on vacation and relaxing does nothing for my future but keep my lifestyle and life at it’s current state….. so with that said.. If you are reading this.. you should be hustling too!

December 2015 Goals

So.. onto the goals for December 2015. There are 3 main key goals but there are tons and tons of smaller intermediate goals which need to be done too but as far as my 3 main big goals they are the following:

  1. Sell my E-Commerce #1 Site
  2. Get into a Coding Boot Camp here in San Francisco, CA for 2016.
  3. Finish Taxes 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

#1 – Selling My E-Commerce Website

I’m selling my first e-commerce website and the site that’s made me the most money this year. The reason why I plan on selling is because I have more lucrative and less time consuming ideas and plans which I would prefer to pursue because they have less of a ceiling . At the time this was the most easiest business to start for myself and at the time a passion project that I enjoyed. I have increased my capital in which I can now use my money for more lucrative investments.

I feel every business has it’s threshold or cap in how much you can make and how much time you can spend in it. Unfortunately, this business is no longer my passion as much as I would like it to be it’s not. I also think my time can be spent much better elsewhere. It’s great while it lasted and I’m hoping someone with more time and more spark/interest in this niche will take it much further down the road. I have all the ideas in place as well as suppliers but don’t have the time looking forward to 1 year 2 years or 3 years. I want to accomplish much more and this website will hold me back in doing so.

#2 – Coding Boot Camp

I enjoy working a day job and think it’s one of the best uses of an aspiring entrepreneurs time. For one, if you don’t have money a day job helps you have more money to fund your business. You can still put food on the table and/or have a back up plan. A day job isn’t a reason to be lazy it’s used a tool or asset to bring your side business up further.

You also get work experience this is of course if you are working a corporate job and not a dead end job.

If I want to be lazy one day, I know that I can show up at work – do some work. Come home and relax and I know I was somewhat successful and not completely unproductive. I did earn money that day.

Currently, my day job brings in about $65k/year USD. I can look for a new job and can get around $75k/year.

However, it’s not enough and if I’m going to spend my time working a day job. I might as well be learning something and building up a career while at it.

I spend 8 hours a day at a day job and I want to give that job my all otherwise it’s a waste of time to just sit in my day job. Best of all, what would be even better is if my day job can provide benefit to my side business. In my opinion – coding, programming would be it.

Best of all…. a coding or programming job can earn $100,000+ per year easily here in San Francisco, CA.

Once successful, I learn programming and I land my $100k+ year programming job. By keeping expenses the same.. I’ll increase my earnings/savings for the upcoming year. Not only this will give me much more opportunities to develop and create my own web applications for projects which I work on.

My goal is to get into a coding boot camp here in SF for January/February of 2016. I need to get in and secure my position.

#3 Taxes – 4 years behind…

I’m way behind on my taxes as I do hate to do these things… However, this is something which I need to be on top of…

I plan on in the future to start doing taxes on a monthly basis.

Will try to catch up ASAP!

January 2016

I’m preparing for 2016! Strive for More! Take Relentless Action!




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