Make $50,000 A Year with Amazon Niche Sites in 2016

How To Make $50,000 Year with Amazon Niche Sites

Amazon Niche Sites have been around for well over 3-5 years now ever since Amazon released their affiliate program. Amazon pays very little with their affiliate program about 3-8% of a customers total shopping cart within 24 hours of clicking on your affiliate link. However, that can add up over time and another beneficial part to making an amazon niche site is the fact that you can easily sell an amazon affiliate website for 20 to 30 times it’s net profit. Many people are willing to spend $10,000 to $30,000 for an Amazon Niche Site. Making more is still more than possible since huge multi million dollar businesses are built around amazon niche sites.

Start Making A Second Income On The Internet

What would an extra $50,000 per year do for your life, right now?

Would that change your life? Would you be able to enjoy more vacations? Save more money? Have less stress?

Even if you don’t make $50,000 per year… What if you made $10k? $20k? $30k? extra per year.. that’s an easily doable goal.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, new to creating websites. The first step to making a second income online is to learn how to build a website and advertise your own product/service or someone else’s product or service.

Starting an Amazon Niche Site will give you the basic experience to build or start on better projects in the future.

We all start from somewhere and it’s best to first understand from the beginning and make extra money in the process.

2016 Amazon Niche Site Case Study

Learn By Doing….

Everyone always learns better by doing… It’s a simple fact and most people fail to realize that you must make mistakes to continue forward. Mistakes help you in deciding what does work and doesn’t work and what you need to do to fix it that way it will work.

I’ll show you exactly how to create a niche site for yourself from start to finish.

You can learn from my own case study on how you can do the exact same.

I’ll tell you how step by step. I’ll guide you through creating your niche site, registering your domain, how to get articles made, what to look for and much more.

Granted….this idea and concept of making Amazon Niche Sites is a fairly old technique and can be twisted to work with other things not just Amazon Niche Sites alone.

There may not be as much money as there was in the past.. but there is still a ton of money to be made using this technique. This technique can also be carried out for your future projects in the future to generate traffic and extra sales or an additional income source.

Here at, we do believe in multiple income streams!

My 2016 Goal – $250,000 net profit

The Mindset

I plan on earning well over $250,000 net profit for the year of 2016. My goal is actually to knock this out of the park and make well over $250,000 net profit for the year.

If you asked me 1, 2 or 3 years ago if I thought this was possible.

I’d tell you, NO. I can’t do that and it’s not possible but from making well over $200,000 from my E-Commerce #1 website and putting aside a good chunk of change. I can honestly tell you that it is now more than ever possible to make $250,000 net for myself this upcoming year of 2016.

Granted.. There is many more reasons why I plan on making well over this as I am and will be selling my E-Commerce #1 website and will have a much bigger bank roll (liquid capital) to invest into paid advertising. I plan on solely focusing in on making money through social media advertising. Paid advertising and less focusing on packaging orders and such!

My current E-Commerce #1 website is strictly 100% SEO traffic which is very limited. There is no viral factor for SEO, majority of the time.

If you don’t think it’s possible…

Making $10,000 or $50,000 extra per year for yourself through Amazon Niche Sites.

Think again… just because you don’t see it YET.. Doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

That’s why this post section is titled “The Mindset“.

Develop that unbelievable attitude that you will succeed. That you will make it work. That you will put in the time. Earn your first $10,000 or your first $50,000 and don’t spend it like your fake ballin.

Don’t buy that new car you really want.. Don’t listen to the naysayers, don’t listen to the people around you. Focus on yourself and what you want to and need to do. You are the reason – you are broke. You decide on how you want to get yourself out.

Hold off.. and think like the rich.

The rich (if you don’t have the disposable income) reinvest their capital (money) to make more money.

Invest and spend your time making more money or building more leverage for yourself.

As I plan on doing, save your profits and put it into paid advertising. This gives you a leverage to make $5,000 to $300,000+ in sales per day.

Step-By-Step Actions Amazon Niche Sites

The following sub-topics below will be the steps and actions which will need to be taken to create a successful Amazon Niche website. Each will go more in depth and will provide you with screenshots and information on how to move closer to the right direction.

  1. Choosing Your Amazon Niche
  2. Purchase A Domain Name For Your Niche
  3. Purchase Your Web Hosting Account
  4. Adding Your Domain To Your Web Hosting Account
  5. Setting Up WordPress
  6. Installing and Using WordPress Plugins
  7. Creating & Developing Your Website’s Frontpage
  8. Amazon Niche Keyword Research
  9. Setup Your Social Media Accounts For Your Niche
  10. Creating High Quality Content – Useful, Shareable Content
  11. Driving Traffic To Your Niche Site
  12. Website Tracking & Analytics
  13. Monthly Sustainability & Growth Tasks
  14. Create Unique Website Value
  15. Profit From Social Media
  16. Website Conversions
  17. Email Marketing and Automated Newsletter

Amazon Niche Site Disclaimer

It is known for most people who are in the Amazon Niche Site market that there is always a chance that your website can lose it’s rankings by Google. It’s not high likely but it’s not impossible at the same time.

Some of the tactics that people use in marketing their websites to show up in Google’s search engines. Can be on the border line unacceptable in other words…it’s not always ethical but some get away with it and some don’t. It just depends on each circumstance and sometimes one of your sites will just be unlucky.

With this said, working on the internet requires you to eventually diversify your income and/or not rely on this source of income as your SOLE income source.

This should be added income or extra income on top of your original income.

IMO, I would save your earnings and re-invest it to more lucrative business opportunities. Of course, these opportunities arise when you are actively searching for it.

How To Guarantee Your Website Won’t Be Banned!

This is a very simple way to almost GUARANTEE that your website won’t get banned from Google and won’t suffer the crap content issues that most sites suffer!

Granted, I haven’t tested this 100% just yet but it’s more then well worth understanding and even testing! I’ve read about this more times then I can remember and you can literally see it happen in front of your eyes by searching and viewing successful niches.

Social Media And Your Viral Factor

It’s more prevalent than ever before that being viral and/or having a success via Social Media has a more than crazy success result on your search engine rankings.

Google wants you to be successful through social media. This effectively reinforces the fact that your website is the TOP in it’s niche and Google would want to display your website on the top of it’s listings. If Google wasn’t successful in generating the most qualified search result listings it wouldn’t be a SUCCESS as it is today. It has too… add social media traffic to it’s search algorithms.

Not ONLY, you can gain so much traffic that is literally almost unheard of through the typical SEO channels but this just makes building niche sites that much more exciting!

If you’ve heard or read about successful internet marketers most if not all are moving over to the social marketing aspect of things or even adding it to their traditional sources because of the unlimited traffic sources available!

My Amazon Niche Site Goals

This will be an actual case study on building and earning $50,000 in a year with Amazon Niche Sites.

The goal is to earn $100 to $500 per month profit on each website. Although, making $1,000 to $5,000 per month on a single Amazon website is not unheard of and is possible.

We plan on earning the $50,000 per year by selling the websites off for 20 to 30 times their monthly revenue before the year 2016.

This means if a site makes $400 per month profit. It can effectively sell for about $12,000.

We know this is because Amazon niche sites are selling year round on sites like and

If all goes well, we may just double down. Sell an amazon niche site early for $10,000 and re-invest 100% into more Amazon Niche Sites effectively earning more than $50k for the year.

Amazon Niche Site Income Proof

Amazon Niche Sites Sold On Empire Flippers

As you can see from the image below a lot of these websites are earning anywhere from $400 to $1600 per month in net profit.

  • $321.26 net profit SOLD for $6,459.60 = 20 times
  • $457.46 net profit SOLD for $10,979.04 = 24 times
  • $814.68 net profit SOLD for $16,293.00 = 20 times
  • $1,698.06 net profit SOLD for $33,961.00 = 20 times

Amazon Niche Sites EmpireFlippers

December 2015 – Amazon Niche Sites Still Kicking

Of course, something to always remember and be sure when trying to find make money online methods on the internet is the date of when something was built or started. However, this doesn’t always dictate if there is no money or money to be made.

A lot of times, you JUST have to have the mindset and ability to be curious and want to try things on your own. You may be skeptical that these sites earn that much or it’s not possible.

But you be the judge, test it yourself and build an Amazon Niche Site or start a different type of business. But you will need to believe in your idea as well as your plan regardless if anyone else around you doesn’t believe in your idea.

NichePursuits – Niche Site Project 3.0 – December 2nd 2015

Niche Pursuits blog owner Spencer Haws has just recently posted a blog post about starting Niche Site Project 3.0 for 2016. They were looking for new candidates on people they can train and mentor into starting their own niche sites. It’s a great opportunity. I’d probably consider it if I didn’t have so much other obligations on my plate but anyhow.. I’m going to create my own niche sites anyways.

From his post, he mentions the following:

  • Spencer’s Amazon Niche Site
    • Niche site based on his product on Amazon FBA
    • Record of $761/mo Amazon Associates earnings.
      • He recommends a goal of surpassing $500/month for new students.
    • Why the growth?
      • Due to traffic season.
      • Posted lots of content based on really low competition and long-tail keywords.
      • Long tail keywords found with LongTailPro software which is made by Spencer himself.
      • Great content based on really low competition keywords.
  • Jake’s Amazon Niche Site
    • Site has grown to 3,000 unique visitors a day / 30 days = 100 unique visitors per day.
    • Domain has been sitting for a year.
    • Started posting content on really low competition keywords around June or July 2015.
    • Has done no link building whatsoever outside of a small amount of Pinterest posts.
    • Record of $1,000/mo Amazon Associate earnings for November 2015.
  • Perrin’s Amazon Niche Site
    • In six months, the website has grown to receive 3,000 unique visitors per DAY form organic search.
    • Earning $3,000/mo Amazon Associate earnings for November 2015.
    • Same tactics – posting more content, targeting long-tail keywords and connecting with bloggers and sites to get links to relevant websites.

Amazon Niche Site Case Study

Follow me as I build a case study on starting an amazon niche website for 2016!

I will be starting off with building 5 Amazon niche sites for 2016.

I choose a few sites which I’ve had success with in the past as well as a few others which I feel have great potential. But for all I know, most can be duds and completely unsuccessful.

I will not be releasing any information on the actual niches and they will be labeled generically within my future Amazon Niche Site Case Study Reports to prevent people from not doing their own leg work in building their own websites and simply just copying. This is also not to skew the data.

This is not to discourage you but to empower you that to make this successful. You need to be willing to do the necessary work. You will spend countless hours making this a success!

Ultimate Success – $10k to $20k per month!

12 Key Pillars To Running An Owning A $20,000 Per Month Authority Niche Website

How To Create A $10,000 to $20,000 per month Niche Website! There are many key tactics into building a $10-$20k per month niche website. I’m going to explain these details briefly in this article. These sites are also known as Authority websites or Authority Niche sites.

You can most definitely take these Amazon Niche Sites to the next level by incorporating a few key characteristics.

We just went from a $50,000 per year for 4 or 5 amazon niche sites. To raising our goal to $20,000 per month for a successful niche site which equals out to $240,000 per year!

This idea is nothing new and you easily create this success in hundreds of hundreds of niches with a little bit of creativity. You just need to spark that brain interest of yours and start thinking and expanding your mindset and knowledge.

Start looking at everything you do and everything everyone else does in a new light. Starting thinking about How they make money? Why are they advertising? and other opportunity seeking questions. Only then will you find out and realize what you need to do and what you WANT to do.

These authority niche sites will rank for almost every keyword imaginable for your niche. Sometimes ranking over highly popular websites.

  1. Treat Your Niche Site As A Business
  2. Provide Relentless Massive Value
  3. Brand Yourself – As An Authority
  4. Become A Viral Figure In Your Niche
  5. Monetize and Test, Test, Test
  6. Double Down – Own Your Niche
  7. Automate The Business
  8. Rinse & Repeat
  9. Re-Invest & Take Over The World (jk)
  10. Schedule Your Work Load
  11. Automate Your Business Tasks
  12. Create Monthly Summary Reports – Track Progress

1. Treat Your Niche Site As A Business

Treat your niche as a business. What does this mean? What do you need to do? What should you do?

This means that you must put in the amount of effort to make your niche authority website a SUCCESS. Believe in your idea and put in the countless hours needed to make that business a success.

What makes a business successful? VALUE!!! Are you providing enough or more value or are you adding garbage to the internet?

If you don’t want to do something… TOUGH LUCK.. DO IT ANYWAYS! If you don’t do it. Your the reason why you aren’t successful. Don’t KID YOURSELF! Be Honest and Truthful To Yourself. Are you really really really really doing what’s needed for you to become a success?

You want to know why RICH PEOPLE are RICH! They do what has to be DONE and what NEEDS to be DONE to become a SUCCESS. They have SUCCESSFUL HABITS which in turn result in making them RICH!

NO EXCUSES!!! Get your ass to work! Don’t think YOU can easily get away with putting in 10% effort or the bare minimum and you’ll be collecting or laughing to the bank. Think again Mr. Average Joe!

NUH UH! Get your hands dirty. Do the work that needs to be done and do 10x more then that. Provide massive value!!!

Why should the world give you something in return for providing no value or being a non-productive citizen in this world!

You don’t know how to do something. Figure it out! Don’t complain and don’t whine.

The rich are successful are problem solvers and self sufficient. Get it DONE! Whatever it takes!

You don’t know how to build a website. Figure it out! Don’t complain and start crying.

Nobody offers hand outs.

Nobody owes you anything for doing nothing!

You can lead a horse OR A camel to water, but you can’t make it drink.

You don’t have enough time. Tough luck! Nobody cares.. You either get it done or you don’t. The person who steps up and get’s it done get’s the prize. You my friend… can be either one. You decide.

I get no sleep…I can’t stay up 1 or 3 hours per night. I have a family to take care of… Everyone makes sacrifices and you are no different. Choose and use your time wisely. If you need to buckle down and sacrifice sleep, sacrifice a vacation, sacrifice watching your favorite movie or latest TV show. SO BE IT!!! Work with your family and get it done. Think about the future. Don’t be an Average Joe!

You must be willing to live and do unlike the Average Joe. Otherwise, if your habits are exactly like the Average Joe that is what you will get.

2. Provide Relentless Massive Value

Provide amazing never before seen value to your viewers before even asking for a penny!

Give first and make money later. Your ultimate goal is to make money but your main goal is to offer value! If you don’t offer any value and you simply just take take take. Your just a con-artist.

What is massive value? How do I offer massive value?

You can offer massive value by being the best in your niche at all times. What does being the best in my niche mean?

This means provide the best resources and the best articles to your utmost best ability being and giving 110%!

This means providing custom graphics which explains the concept in question.

This means providing infographics that help relate to your readers.

This means providing charts and reviews on products which can help your target audience.

Be everywhere on Social Media if you can. Create a forum in which people can talk and conversate with each other.

Provide news, data or alerts for something within your niche!

Provide massive value in anyway that you can possibly think of!

Solve a problem! Offer a solution and many solutions after that!

3. Brand Yourself As The Authority

Brand yourself and let people notice you and your mission.

Your mission is to provide the most and best value possible for your readers or visitors.

Let them know this!

Offer an instructional 2 to 4 minute whiteboard video and explain your story. Explain how to use the website. Show them that you care.

Brand yourself everywhere! Build out your Social Media, Build out your Instagram, Build out your Facebook, Build out your Pinterest.

Make sure, you are providing a solution to a problem.

4. Become a Viral Figure In Your Niche

Social media has been more than ever expanding at a tremendous rate. More the never can you instantly get thousands and thousands of views on your e-commerce store, website or article. Things can become viral and literally grow over night! People are secretly testing, testing and testing to learn the secret formula to create virality in everything they do from products to articles to software to websites to whatever!

If the niche that you do choose is semi-broad and a bigger niche. You are fully able and capable to create click bait type articles which will become viral. These things are things similar to the articles that are posted on Articles that are things such as The 10 Delicious Recipes For Christmas, 10 Ways To Make Eggs, 10 Best Articles To Build A House, etc.

You can add steroids to this concept by paying for traffic through social media channels such as Facebook. If you don’t already have the traffic but are looking for the traffic. You can create a few high quality articles which provide massive value for users.

You can then learn how to use Facebook Ads to send cheap traffic to these articles. The point of the article is for the user to be able to share the article with their friends and receive a significant amount of viral traffic.

What people like FatStacksBlog (a blog that makes $30k/net profit per month) specifically creates niche websites on viral niche sites which you could literally ALMOST do for any niche. Sends traffic to a select few of his high quality viral articles and he’ll keep track of which 10 articles are earning the best return and focus on only promoting those 10 articles which are earning him a significant income.

The way you’ll become the most successful with this tactic is throwing your own spin to the idea. Testing and Testing to figure out your own secret recipe for your specific target audience and market. Test it, Track it, Analyze and Re-Profit from it.


Do everything and test everything! This means if you can provide a graphical chart which can help your visitors. Hire and outsource that chart creation and be the only one in your niche that provides this value.

If you need to gain more confidence in your visitors. Create an intro video with simply black test. Hire a voice over for your intro script!

If you need to be on Instagram. Put yourself on Instagram. Sign up for HootSuite to manage all your Social Media Campaigns.

Create an email newsletter and focus on building a follow-up email sequence.

By all means, do everything in your power to own your NICHE!

6. Monetize and Test, Test, Test

The next thing you want to do is figure out how to best monetize your website. While still providing massive value and not ruining your site by promoting too many advertisements.

The person who will succeed the most is the person who will test EVERYTHING. Test everything for yourself. Track and test. Track and Test.

Figure out what you can do to squeeze out better marketing numbers as much as possible.

7. Double Down – Own Your Own Niche

If your niche is great and it’s making you a significant amount of money. I would suggest building a similar site with a similar and related keyword and expanding on the niche. Perhaps, not all niches will have this option but if it is an option. I’d say do so.

I’d also say if the money and value is there. Create your own high quality product in which you can add to sell and even make an even bigger business.

8. Schedule Your Work Load

Schedule the frequent tasks which are required of you.

Develop a daily or weekly growth plan.

Develop a monthly growth plan.

Work effectively and utilize your time wisely!

9. Automate Business Tasks

Are there tasks in your business which you can free up time? Can you answer most questions by creating a FAQ? Can you create a video which helps people understand more about your product or website?

Automate, Automate, Automate. Automate as much as you can.

10. Create Monthly Summary Reports – Track Progress

Create a standard monthly summary report for your business for key metrics that you want to know and track. You need to know what to track to effectively track and improve those numbers.

Without tracking, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not working.

Once you know, what is working. You want to consistently keep focusing on doing those same tasks over and over again as they produce results.

11. Rinse & Repeat

Are you not a success with your website? Is it making the most money that it could be? Have you automated your repetitive tasks? Have you outsourced and hire people to take place of the positions which you can replace? Do it and grow it!

12. Re-Invest & Take Over The World

Do what you wish with your own money! By all means if you made it, you can do so.

However, think about what the rich do and re-invest that money into more assets which will make you more money!

Your Turn

I hope this article provided you with a great sense of How To Build An Amazon Niche Site!

I hope it inspired you to aim higher and to work on something new!

Embark on this new project and let us know if you do!

Share with us your most prized tips and tricks!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!




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