May 2016 Income Report

May 2016 Income Report – Quit My Full Time Job!

Welcome to We’re here to help you take relentless action to building up your side business so you can get your free time back and live the life you choose to live!

Our May 2016 Income Report is to show you how we make money online.

I started off working a full-time job and eventually made enough to be able to quit my job.

The great thing is this is my first income report + I’ll be quitting my job this month.

I’m excited to see what’s to come for the rest of 2016. It’s amazing we’re already half way through 2016. January was literally like yesterday. That’s why it’s crucial to keep hustling and working to build up your “vision” of how you want to live in the next 5 years.

Why I Post An Income Report?

1. Share & Inspire Others That It Is Possible

I’ve just recently started focusing on my side hustle within the last 3-4 years hardcore. I’ve done internet marketing in the past for well over 10-15 years on and off. I’ve had success but I became complacent with the little success that I did achieve. I’ve realized though after getting a full time job in the “real world”. It would be a waste to let the knowledge I’ve learned over the years to go to waste. So for this reason, I’ve been working extremely hard to keep the success that I do have and to strive for even more success in life.

There are many ways to make money online. More then I could find time to do myself. I share my story with the successes and the bad to hopefully inspire others to take action and change their own lives.

2. Hold Myself Accountable For My Own Goals

By posting my monthly income reports, I’m forced to see and notice what worked and what didn’t work for the month. I can hold myself accountable to my own goals and re-prioritize on what needs to be done to reach those goals the next month if I so happen to not reach them.

3. Track & Reset My Monthly Goals

Making and setting goals is what breeds success. You need to make sure you reach goals to be able to create an income from it. Without finishing the tasks that will put you in an opportunity to be successful. You have to be true to yourself and be honest when you are slacking off and not giving it the time it needs to be successful.

4. Ultimate Goal – Becoming Financially Free

My ultimate goal is to build an internet empire. Work from home and work on my own business projects which I enjoy. Life has been great recently and I’m happy to do what I want when I want. I would enjoy waking up every single day to not sit in traffic (unpaid)!With the earnings and profit, I want to become financially free and will look into building more passive income by buying commercial real estate (apartments). The goal is to keep all living expenses below $3,000 to $4,000 per month and the rest of my income will go towards savings. Savings is considered my capital which I will try and flip my capital as much as possible. Once I can’t flip all my money anymore and I have a decent amount saved they will go into an apartment complex for “capital preservation” which I’ve heard from “Grant Cardone” who has a great YouTube channel btw. 🙂

Building a side business or side hustle is hard work and you need to have a relentless action to solve and fix any problems that occur. It’s not easy but the benefits and life experiences which you learn from it will make you a better and happier person from my own experience.

Quitting My Full Time Job

I’m putting in my two weeks notice at my full time job!
W00T! ohh yea!

As for the great news for this month!!! I’m finally quitting my day job. I’ve been making 2-5 times my monthly income for the last 2 full years and I’ve saved almost every penny which I could without being too cheap. I drive the same old car, I didn’t go on much vacations and I limit my spending (mostly just wasting money). Although, I did reserve the Tesla Model 3 🙂 which I plan on getting when it’s available.

It might seem like I save too much and/or I don’t buy any extravagant but that’s far from it. I don’t buy nothing cheap and prefer to buy the higher quality items. Some items that are high priced aren’t necessarily high quality either. I just don’t believe in wasting “good” money. Money that can otherwise work for me. There’s no point in spending my hard earned capital which would otherwise make me more money. At least now, since I’m starting to build my net-worth and monthly income. It would otherwise be counter-productive to spend it.

Let’s get on with the May 2016 Income Report and my Monthly & Yearly Goals.

May 2016 Income Report

I earned $35,511.59 gross sales for eCom #1 for May 2016, before expenses.

Currently, my only income is my full-time job + E-Commerce Store #1. Part of quitting the day job is the new goals that I set for myself which will require more of my time. The money I make at my day job doesn’t outweigh the potential that is to come in the near future. I’ve saved up more then enough money to start and grow my businesses. So for this reason, I have decided it is now time to leave my day job. The time spent at my day job is better spent building my business projects.

E-Commerce Store #1 Income

Here are the stats for E-Commerce Store #1. There should be about $5,000-$8,000 added to profits but I’m working on stocking up more inventory as well. Next month should be a lot better but perhaps I might re-invest more to increase profits overall and offer more to my customers/community.

    • Paypal – $18,795.35
      • Refunded – $1,123.89
      • Fees – $638.13
      • NET TOTAL = $17,033.33
    • Stripe – $19,645
      • Refunded – $588.66
      • Fees – $578.08
      • NET TOTAL = $18,478.26
    • NET TOTAL SALES = $35,511.59
    • PayPal Expenses = $10,218.06
    • CC #1 = $10,363.42
    • CC #2 = $9.99
    • CC #3 = $3,096.40
    • TOTAL EXPENSES = $23,687.87

TOTAL PROFIT = $11,823.72

Here are some nice screenshots for Ecom #1.

Ecom #1 - May 2016 Credit Card Payments
Ecom #1 – May 2016 Credit Card Payments
Ecom #1 - May 2016 PayPal Payments
Ecom #1 – May 2016 PayPal Payments
Ecom #1 - May 2016 Traffic Stats
Ecom #1 – May 2016 Traffic Stats

June 2016 Goals

I didn’t physically set goals for the previous month but I had an idea of what tasks I needed to move the business further down the line. I’ve still been working on the business part-time and it’s about time I really build it up to a full fledge business.

1. Health & Fitness

I’ve been lacking on my physical health due to having to run a business on the side and work full time. This is one thing I want to catch up with and keep in tip top shape for mental clarity and physical health. I’ll still be waking up early and will hit the gym in the morning, hopefully around 6-7am daily.

2. Hire A Virtual Assistant

I am thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). The VA would learn the industry of my current niche for Ecom#1. I would also teach and have them help with support + sales. All around second hand that way I can focus more of my time and efforts on paid marketing.

3. Expand In My Niche For Ecom #1

My main Ecom #1. I’m using woocommerce which I believe is now really outdated. For this reason, we are rebranding with a second ecom site which will be on Shopify to utilize the main plugins which they have available. WP stands for Web Property as the actual websites are left unknown to protect the income from these websites. I may release the actual website names in the future but as of now these sites are not released to the public.

4. [WP#1] Upgrade Main E-Commerce Site #1 (Potential $40-$65k/month)
Main E-commerce website which is generating the most revenue.

  1. Updating the frontpage with graphics, slideshow. Similar to million dollar ecommerce websites.
  2. Focus on a few key products which generate most of the revenue and focus on building out those product descriptions.
  3. Upgrade product images and descriptions.
  4. Release a few new products.
  5. Implement Facebook Retargeting.
  6. Implement Facebook Retargeting, Facebook Look A Like.
  7. Develop & Schedule Social Media Schedule
  8. Build That Email List

5. [WP#2] Build out E-Commerce #2 (Potential $40-$65k/month)
New E-Commerce site is going to be built onto Shopify. Same niche as WP#1. I plan on dominating two listings within the SERPS.

  1. Start & Build Up The Website.
  2. Add Products, Get Graphics Made.
  3. Start A Social Media Contest Monthly.
  4. Re-Think Pricing & Free Shipping & Warranty Options.
  5. Focus on Facebook Advertising.
  6. Implement Facebook Retargeting, Facebook Look A Like.
  7. Start a YouTube Channel and Build.
  8. Develop & Schedule Social Media Schedule
  9. Build That Email List

6. [WP#3] Build out Niche Site WP#3 (Potential $5-10k)
Niche website on my main niche but on the entire industry. I plan on making an additional revenue source via Amazon Commissions and/or promoting my own products.

  1. I’m looking to dominate for this niche and want to own the biggest site on the topic.
  2. Build the WP website.
  3. Make it the go to website for the niche.
  4. Start focusing on Clickbait for the niche. Find other people within niche.
  5. Advertise my articles on Facebook + Videos.
  6. Try Facebook Advertising for a Niche Site.

7. [WP#4] Build out Forum #1 (Potential $5k)
Niche website which is a forum for the main niche which I’m in. Main niche on Amazon Commissions.

  1. Build out and promote the forum.
  2. Start a community for the niche which people locally meet up and host.
  3. Include links to Amazon.

8. [WP#5] (Potential $5-$80k/month) is my own entrepreneur, internet marketer, personal finance, personal development blog in which I can share and connect with other like-minded people. Keep my goals in check and focus on moving the needle forward on a daily basis.

  1. Setup a mailing list and start getting people to sign up to the mailing list.
  2. Updating the frontpage with graphics, slideshow.
  3. Create a “How To Start A Blog” Post – Many people earn anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 per month by affiliate commissions. For example: If you order through my link for “web hosting” which is required to have a website. I’d earn a certain amount of commission. Some people are earning in upwards to $40,000 – $150,000 per month easily.
  4. Develop & Schedule Social Media Schedule
  5. Try promoting my articles on Facebook Advertising.
  6. Develop & Build A List Of Key Successful Tactics Which Result in Massive Backlinks.

9. [WP#6] E-Commerce Store #2 (Potential $5-$80k/month)
E-Commerce Store #2 will be a dropship e-commerce website on Shopify. I’ll be utilizing a few key tactics which are popular currently for this specific niche. It will be a Dropship Alibaba store, Printful T-Shirts, Clickbait niche site + specific twist to a product. I found this niche by browsing through who sells established internet businesses. With a bit of leg work and understanding you can find entirely new niches which you never though of on your own.

  1. Develop & Build A List
  2. Build Out Website, Get Graphics Created
  3. Develop A Key E-Commerce Checklist for Tasks
  4. Develop & Schedule Social Media Schedule
  5. Build That Email List
  6. Add Products
  7. Start Testing Products w/ FB Ads
  8. Setup FB Retargeting

10. [WP#7] E-Commerce Store #3 (Potential $5-$80k/month)
E-Commerce Store #3 will be a generic dropship e-commerce site at first. I’ll be using it to test different products on what sells and what doesn’t sell.

  1. Develop & Build A List
  2. Build Out Website, Get Graphics Created
  3. Develop A Key E-Commerce Checklist for Tasks
  4. Develop & Schedule Social Media Schedule
  5. Build That Email List
  6. Add Products
  7. Start Testing Products w/ FB Ads
  8. Setup FB Retargeting

That’s it for now.. Will start hacking away at those tasks first off.

June 17th 2016 – My Last Day Of Work!!!

2016 Yearly Goals

  1. Hit $2,000 to $10,000/day with Paid Advertising.
  2. Earn $50,000 per month.
  3. Buy my own home early next year.
  4. Earn $20,000 per month minimum to not work a day job.
  5. Create a 7 figure a year e-commerce business. $1,000,000+
  6. Create a 6 figure a year blog. $100,000+

How You Can Do It Too!

Making a full income or side income is definitely do able. Most importantly, you have to have the (1) vision (2) mindset (3) sacrifice.

The vision is the most important part. You have to have a real definite reason on why you want what you want and you must be willing to go all the way.

The mindset needs to be cultivated, developed, nurtured and built. Not everyone, will have a great mindset that will make them push things forward in life. To do what needs to be done so you can live the life that you want to live.

We’ll do our best coming soon to teach others how to do what we do. However, there is no hand holding. You’ll have to walk the path alone as all us entrepreneurs do.

But if you have the vision, mindset and drive to accomplish it regardless of what comes your way. It’s most definitely attainable.

The sacrifice depends on your own personal life. Success doesn’t care for anyone and it belongs to those who acquire it. Acquiring success does take sacrifices and you must be willing to sacrifice “whatever it takes” to get it done.

You don’t have enough time. We’ll you make time, you don’t go to the gym. You get less sleep. Etc. You make it happen at all costs. If you need to pull an all nighter. You need to pull an all nighter.

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