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If you have yet not heard of Amazon FBA. Your in for some awakening! The FBA in Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon.

What this means is that you can ship your products to Amazon and they will deal with shipping and inventory. You simply, just have to pay them for their fees. You can use this calculator here to help figure out your total profits Amazon Revenue Calculator.

The great part about this idea is the fact that you can easily scale the idea and keep adding more products to your product list.

Of course, this isn’t as easy as said and there is of course a ton of work that goes into it and not only “making it work” which is the utmost important aspect of running a business.`

Since Amazon FBA, Amazon has many many many many millionaires who utilize their FBA services to scale their businesses.

How do you find a product to sell? – Selling a product is fairly simple, you want to find a product which doesn’t have much competition but also is easy to find and ship. The main concept is most people purchase private label products from and ship them to Amazon FBA to start selling their products on Amazon.

The process is quite simple and there are product launches which make it more successful to speed up the process of getting more reviews and/or getting more traffic to your product listing page.

I’ve included some resources below which I find highly useful but haven’t delved into this idea 100% myself yet but hope to in the near future. I figure, I might as well share it now in-case someone happens to come across this and wants to give it a shot!

Many bloggers in the make money online niche seem to be gravitating towards making money with Amazon FBA. You can always look into Amazon FBA Arbitrage which is also buying products for sale either in Retail (RA) and/or Online (OA) and turn around and ship them to Amazon FBA as used product.

Learning Resources for Amazon FBA

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1. – $100,000 per month new goal. – Sept 30th 2015

Chris Guthrie has started off as making money with Amazon Niche websites through their Affiliate Program. He’s now switched over to focusing more on Amazon FBA since the growth is much quicker.

He’s also very talented at creating other SAAS (Software As A Service) apps for the niches he’s currently in. He recently just created a new program called SalesBacker which helps increase product reviews and seller feedback ratings. A brilliant idea might I add!

He’s also started a new podcast which is called SellerCast.

[notification type=”alert-success” close=”false” ]If you haven’t noticed…this is a brilliant idea to accomplish many goals.

  1. Create a SAAS type program to charge a monthly fee to help other people in the niche which you know and understand so well. Add’s another income stream into your pocket!
  2. Create and leverage your already popular name and current list of subscribers by creating a Podcast within your niche. This helps bring more newer subscribers to your main business, your new SAAS business and allows more people to find you sooner and quicker.

2. – $40,000 per month Amazon FBA in 30 days. – Oct 8th 2015

Spencer Haws has created NichePursuits and also started in the same path working on building amazon niche sites to earn income from the Amazon Affiliate Program. With the success of Amazon FBA and many people striking success he decided to focus on it and was able to bring his Amazon FBA business to $40k per month.

Spencer Haws is also talented as well and has made an actual windows application program that was very popular called Long Tail Pro. Many people still use it and it’s used to find long tail keywords for your given niche. A program which helps people in the same niche to find keywords to target and rank for.. He’s also added a second income stream to his amazing monthly income. You can read more about his software company – How to Launch a Bootstrapped Software company.

Spencer Haws also runs a Podcast on his blog NichePursuits which range from any of the current projects he’s working on from Amazon Niche websites to Amazon FBA and his Software business.

3. – $40,000 per month Amazon FBA. – Year 2015

Scott Voelker from Podcast has a total of 130 episodes for his Podcast and each of his podcasts are brilliant! He provides all the information on his website for free and doesn’t sell any other products to top it off.

I could say I’ve seen him motivate a ton of people to get started on Amazon FBA and he seems to be doing big things with his business.

It’s a great idea to learn and notice from others what successful people are doing that way you can prevent to make those same mistakes and/or utilize the same techniques and tactics which they use to bring more traffic and/or build their businesses into better companies.

Why you should create a podcast? Because of offering his free and popular Podcast he is able to interview and discuss with other Amazon sellers who make much more money then he currently makes. Other people in higher positions than he currently is in can see his success and how hard he is working and through him a few pointers or not.

Imagine all the behind the scene meet ups he gets from the publicity of his podcast. You can see that Podcasts will most definitely bring a significant amount of traffic to your blog, business, etc. is utilizing it for his main blog, his new salesbacker blog. has a podcast on his regular blog as well.

Checkout’s YouTube.

4. Amazon FBA Journey – – Oct 28 2015

Josh Shogren is a 19 year old college student who has been making an income through Amazon Niche Sites. While his income isn’t as impressive it’s great to see where people start from and where they end up.

He’s re-invested that money back into Amazon FBA from his profits from Amazon Niche Sites and is now looking to be earning about $2-3k per month in gross sales from his new Amazon product.

The best part of checking out his blog is the start to finish journey of his Amazon FBA business. I recommend checking it out as you can fully see what kind of work it takes to build it. I wish him the best of luck and with his relentless action. I’m sure, he’ll succeed in the many years moving forward.

[notification type=”alert-success” close=”false” ]I hope to have more actual case studies in which you can see start to finish the amount of work and planning that it takes to make something successful. Success is always shown but the actual work and repetitive habits that it takes to become a success is always looked over.[/notification]

5. – Free Course looks pretty good as it contains a completely free course. I think what it might be lacking would be a more in depth launch plan but I haven’t went through just yet but it makes me want to focus on it. Also checkout their the Import Start Up YouTube page.

6. Udemy Courses

7. website and YouTube videos.

8. has a great blog with some great info and also offers many apps for Amazon FBA sellers.

9. Andy Slamans

Andy Slamans has grown a $75,000 per month Amazon Business. You can checkout his facebook group here SlamazonBros. Here’s a video from his YouTube channel – 10 Ways I Grew My Amazon Business to $75k / month – SlamazonBros. Andy Slaman’s is also one of the main instructors for

Great Amazon FBA Articles

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