What is Relentless Action? Journey To Success

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My name is Dexter. I’m a 28 year old internet marketer working a full time job in the IT industry while I work on my internet business as my second job. I make a decent amount of income online through my niche e-commerce website. Within the last two years, I’ve sold over $220,000 through my niche e-commerce site.

It’s a very big market and only getting bigger. I will be focusing on building my niche e-commerce site to a 5 figure business per month ($xx,xxx) as well as dabble a bit more in Internet Marketing once again to diversify my total. It’s currently sitting at about $13 to $23k per month in gross revenue.

I’ve been in the internet marketing game for probably close to a decade now on and off.

As of October 19th 2015, actually for a few months now. I’m now more interested in expanding my monthly net income as well as learn and own this internet marketing game for good.

Why I Created Relentless Action

Relentless Action will be my online blog in which I share my internet marketing and entrepreneur case studies and experiences with others. The goal is in which other’s can learn from me and/or learn from my own mistakes and failures.

This new blog and the name itself is a reminder to put in Relentless Action towards my dreams, aspirations and goals. It’s a reminder to keep focus on to push forward.

Relentless Action = success




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